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Social Selling Coach: A Simple Proven, Predictable and Profitable Approach

LinkedIn Social Selling Tools

Social Selling is more an exception than the rule, and can become a differentiator for companies that adopt it early. Be where your competitors aren’t and get the business they won’t.

First off its important to understand that social selling is not a hard sale closing tactic but resembles more organic lead nurturing. 

Social selling isn’t for companies or sales reps looking for quick wins or silver bullets but for companies who understand that time an effort needs to be invested on an ongoing basis and even then there is no guarantee it will pay off.

Social Selling is a process to nurture relationships, build trust and authority used by thousands of professionals and companies to close more business and generate bigger revenues. It’s is now a key social marketing strategy for some of the world’s most successful companies.

At the core of the Social Selling strategy is:

Relationship Building = Trust = Lead Generation = More Business

Don’t damage your business or let your personal reputation be synonymous with being spammy, by using automation, cold calling or aggressive advertising techniques.

When done in an intelligent way, social selling is the simplest, fastest and most ethical way to connect with your ideal prospects, creating a continuous stream of high quality leads. Social selling is a simple, predictable and profitable way to grow sales and your bottom line.

What Social Selling Coach AI Can Do For You

Whether you are a freelancer, an SME or a large enterprize organization, by mastering the art of social selling you and your team can:

Build your brand, even if you are and SME, and gain faster trust and awareness from your future prospects

Focus on building real relationships rather than using stop/start or scattergun approaches which fail at the first hurdle

Laser target prospects and decision makers focusing on the right buyers building a high quality targeted network

Establish rapport with your network at scale and become a trusted voice and thought leader who prospects will turn to when they are ready to buy

Participate intelligently and thoughtfully in topics and conversations that matter to your prospects finding new opportunities

Reduce the sales cycle and improve closing velocity, and possibly even ditch the need for the dreaded practice of cold calling

Social Selling Coach AI helps thousands of LinkedIn users establish their brand, simplify their social networking efforts, and organically grow their business, generating leads in an ongoing and consistent way.

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What Some Of Our Users Say

Trusted by 1,000s of users across many industries and countries.

Lawrence Atkinson

Fantastic tool to accompany LinkedIn Premium!It has become an essential tool to help us execute our social selling strategy, and can be used by anyone who is serious about building their business to sell it social. The small cost compared to the business is generates is minimal. Win-win!
Highly recommended.

Georgia Garrett

This is such an amazing tool to compliment career development tools such as LinkedIn Premium Career.
The range of tools is impressive and has saved me a huge amount of time.
It has really helped me accelerate my career development, really an invaluable tool.
I couldn't recommend it more if you're starting to think about the next step in your career

Carmen Dennis

I actually came across the tool when looking for social selling examples of how other similar businesses were doing it and came across the great videos and webinars that underpin how the tool works. It was already familiar with my social selling index on LinkedIn but wasn't quite sure how to action the data from my SSI Score. The tool has really taught me to understand my LinkedIn scorecard and get results!

Todd Pope

Really slick software that works amazingly well with LinkedIn Sales Navigator. The online learning social selling training webinars and videos are great. You need to invest some time to get used to it but it works really well; and I'm building momentum and growing my business in an intelligent, time efficient way every day on LinkedIn. I can't believe we persevered with cold calling for so long. This is now our core go-to tool for SDRs as well senior sales guys. Thank you!

Daley Hoffman

This is such a great marketing tool. Social Media Selling has its risks but sitting on the sidelines while your competition steal all those potential relationships and opportunities to engage though conversations online is the biggest risk of all. The social Selling tool software has helped us venture into this space and help us do so in a meaningful and considerate way, building real and long lasting relationships. Go crush it with, Social Selling Coach!

Teddy Powers

I wasn't sure at first. There are a lot of LinkedIn automation tools out there. Some have really good features in their individual right, but many miss the mark and just end up spamming and harming your network.
There is definitely a bit of a learning curve but the way the tool and platform is set-up around the core principles of social selling makes total sense. This tool is probably one of the best kept secrets out there which will no doubt break into the mainstream very quickly.

Using Social Selling Coach AI with LinkedIn FAQs

What is social selling?

The social selling definition is the art of using social media business focused platforms like LinkedIn to find, connect with, understand and nurture relationships that will in turn become sales prospects. 

It is the natural and modern way to build meaningful relationships with potential customers with whom you can build trust, so that when the time is right, you will be the first person a prospect turns to when they are ready to buy.

Some key facts by LinkedIn and eMarketeer:

78% of social sellers outsell peers who don’t use social media.

39% of B2B professionals said they were able to reduce account and research time with social selling tools

It was originally the University of British Columbia who first established the science of social selling during research around 2000 but it became mainstream with the launch of LinkedIn SSI (LinkedIn Social Selling Index) and the LinkedIn SSI Score used to measure effectiveness.


Why is social selling important?

Social-selling will empower you and your team to constantly build real relationships.

No one likes cold calling and the fact is that it is ineffective anyway with over 90% of top decision makers saying they never respond to cold calls

Social media can be used to listen and participate in conversations that are happening in your industry. Allowing you to identify new leads that are already talking about the challenges they face, the industry, your business or your competitors; enabling you to position yourself as a trusted partner and reaching out to them slowly when the timing is right.

According to a survey by CSO and Insight and Seismic, 39% of B2B professionals said that using social selling tools reduced the amount of time spent researching accounts and contacts. While one in three said social selling tools helped them significantly increase the number of leads they had to work with.

Social Selling has for many salespeople replaced the dreaded practice of cold calling.


How do you use social selling?

The chances are you are likely to already be using social selling in your work in some shape or form.

But with activity probably being scattershot, with different tools being used in various ways, it may not be building momentum and delivering results without a consistent approach.

Like selling itself, the process of selling on social media and LinkedIn selling is often interpreted by each person differently, with the highest performing individuals and organizations outlining a clear approach and process to execute on it in the most successful way.

How is Social Selling Coach AI different from other software marketing tools?

There is a bewildering number of social-selling marketing tools out there, each offering something different. 

If you have tried to build up your brand and presence on LinkedIn or other social networks and given up because it tool so long, or used automated marketing tools but couldn’t find that personal touch then Social Selling Coach AI may be for you.

It will enable to you establish your professional brand, find the right people, engage with insights and build meaningful relationships organically building up momentum and new business the more you use it and with measurable results for your business.

In addition Social Selling Coach AI provides marketing tools for analysis and social selling stats to help you accelerate the relationship building process, leading to increased sales for your business over the long term

Will my debit/credit card be charged during my free trial?

You can use the Social Selling Coach AI Tools completely free of charge during the initial 7 day period.

Your debit/credit card will only be charged once the initial free trial period has ended.

However during the free trial period you will not be charged anything.

Free trials do not usually appear on bank statements although a $1 pending charge may appear at the start of the trial to check the card is valid.

If you don’t want to be charged, you must cancel before the end of the 7 day trial.

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