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Writing the perfect LinkedIn profile summary might not be the top list of things to do for you. Crafting a professional-grade summary can take a while, but your profile is not quite complete without it. You might have read summaries before, got bored right away, and skimmed it. It is not a good sign if you are trying to impress your future employers and prospects.

The summary section is only a paragraph long, but this is where you get to showcase who you are as a person. You can be relatable, human, passionate, or professional, depending on your industry. Your summary is the gateway to getting people to read your experience section, which is just one click away.

Having a perfect summary is crucial. It is perhaps one of the most critical sections in your entire LinkedIn profile. It brings together your whole personal, professional history, and qualifications, so people have a holistic idea of who you are as a person. Besides, it also signals your employers what they should do next in your profile. Whether they should accept your connection request, connect with you for a job opening, or get in touch with you for networking.  

If you are running short of ideas, here are the best LinkedIn summaries examples that could put you on the right track.

Why Do I Need A Summary Section At All?

Best LinkedIn Summaries Examples

The summary section is at the top section of your LinkedIn profile, just under the photo. There is a 2000 character restriction for the section, and this is all you need to showcase your entire professional life.

If you are not convinced, know that this is the place you get to define yourself on LinkedIn. There is no start date, sales statistics, or name dropping. There are no titles and no degrees. You can explain why you have chosen a career path, highlight the best things you have done in life, or even showcase your personality for your future employers to know.

This section gives you a chance to showcase your best self and create an impression that humanizes you, making it easier for your prospects to understand whether you are worth connecting to. Let’s explore the concept better with the help of best LinkedIn summaries examples.

Best LinkedIn Summaries Examples

Make Boring Job Descriptions Sound Interesting

I love finding people their perfect careers. It all starts with a cup of coffee. Along the way, we pick up the strength and values, and aspirations that make them perfect for the career choice. If we don’t find the ideal connection, well, then, in that case, we have to keep the conversation going because no matter what, I aim to get you there. 

I am geared up by data-driven insights and passionate about creating teams that collaborate and work together like a dream. I have worked with ten people startups to Fortune 500 companies with thousands of employees. My skills have come a long way, starting from recruiting, interviewing, analyzing, and managing. The joy my job gives me is only matched by finding top-performing professionals and helping them make the perfect career move in marketing and sales. 

While I’m not chasing the best career professionals for recruiting, I am trying to improve my Call of Duty skills and watching reruns of friends. Hanging out with my wife is my second passion, and I am pretty good at grilling stuff too. 

Why This Summary Works

Being a headhunter or recruiter might not be the most thrilling of job descriptions. But don’t let that limit you from creating a relatable personality. The example banks on having a very passionate outlook towards the job that many people might find mundane. Once you talk about how you are benefitting other people, it clears up an image of your career path.

Explaining Your Motivations And Giving Context To Your Profile

My first love for software started when I was six, and I got my brand new gaming console. Although it was little more than stocks and blocks at the time, it immediately became something I was genuinely passionate about. While trying to understand the basics of how things worked, from getting my computer where I could print my own name or ‘hello world,’ it has been an instant love affair. I love looking at the funny symbols that could do amazing things. So, while I started learning C and C++ in school through all my textbooks, I was also trying to explore anything that could get me one step closer to software development. 

My drive to get in touch with software development roots took my educational route through California University. I had more books and resources available to me ever than before, and I was not going to squander away my time partying when I could be the quiet nerd in the background looking at algorithms and data structure. This is where I explored that I had much more to learn. 

Today, while working as a software engineer in the industry, I still have a six-year-old curiosity who wanted to know how everything works. I always find it fascinating to write code that can make beautiful things happen. Problem-solving is my forte, and no matter how difficult the task is, if it can be solved with a few lines of code, I am happy to be on the job. 

Why This Summary Works

This is one of the best best LinkedIn summaries examples. If you work in a field that was chosen through a lot of struggles or passion, you can bring down your story to the summary. Think of this as a game of connecting the dots from your childhood to your professional career today.

Use keywords that are easily searchable by your industry experts, so you have maximum exposure. But all the while, make sure that you utilize your story too, so it does not look like Google search terms. If you have minimal experience or only a few years of experience, this is an excellent way to instantly connect with people who realize that you are happy to be working in the field and eager to learn.

Tie Your Profile To The Big Picture

Being an operations manager is exactly what it sounds like. I am the person everybody is always looking for, but nobody wants to take my place. I’m who you come to if you need to get something done. It might seem boring or tiring for people considering how much effort and time goes into sorting out everyone’s needs, which is why not a lot of people are buying for this job, but let me tell you another story. 

I am obsessed with personal organization and ensuring that everything runs smoothly. It genuinely brings a lot of joy to my heart when I can take the burden of someone in my company on my shoulders and facilitate everything I can to make their life a little bit easier. Work is difficult, and my job is to ensure that your work is a little less complicated than it has to be. There are not many things that can improve employee experience, like having an organization you can trust, and I am the person in the background who helps with this realization. 

When I am not social distancing or daydreaming, I work at home playing with my three dogs. They are my absolute rock, and they have helped me stay grounded throughout difficulties in my life. The love and adoration I feel for them are tremendous, and I feel this resolute in everything else I do. I just want all of us to come together and work together so we can all succeed as a people and as an organization. 

If you are looking for advice on tackling the most challenging jobs no one wants to do, get in touch with me. Feel free to connect with me if you are looking for career advice, counseling, or any other help.

Why This Summary Works

Not a lot of people will be very confident about the value add of their job. However, this is one of the best LinkedIn summaries examples that shows that you are confident in your shoes and know what you are worth. You understand that your job plays a vital role in the organization, and it is crucial to the success of everyone else around you.

Besides, you have tied together with your job description to a bigger picture. It shows how you are helping your company succeed and achieve smoother operations. And then, to add that human touch, you are also getting up close and personal about your life at home and what makes you tick. Make no mistake; these are the qualities that will help you stay professionally relevant and highlight your strengths while making people instantly like you.

Utilize The Bulleted List To Show Your Accomplishments

I am in love with selling real estate. I hate to beat around the bush, so here are all the things you need to know about me. Hopefully, you will not hesitate to call me directly after this. 

  • I have sold real estate in the Cape Cod area more than you can count. I am working with my longtime partner Ella. Together, we have collaborated with real estate companies all around the counties to make sure everyone who chooses to migrate to California can fight the house of their dreams. I am a Twitter fiend with over 50,000 followers. If you want the latest memes on real estate, I’m your girl. 
  • I got my first job because I decided to take a different approach to sell real estate. Instead of trying to sell the property, I tried to sell the people a dream. My job was to find the perfect dream that fits with the plans of the couple, single, or whoever wanted to buy or rent the best condo in the area. My unique approach to networking and selling won me an ABC award in 2016. 
  • When I’m not in existential denial, I love hanging out by the River with my buddies fishing with some light beers. And trust me, I know all the best places to fish, so I can show them to you too if you join me. 

Why This Summary Works

Not only is the summary insightful and funny, but it also breaks it down into several exciting columns. It keeps the reader hooked and interested throughout the profile. There are plenty of anecdotes and jokes about how her career started and how it is progressing.

From her own words, she has quite a sphere of influence around the area where she sells real estate as well as on Twitter, so she can be your best friend in case you need a great place to stay.

Showing Instead Of Telling

When I want the best hot chocolate, I go to Earl’s. I don’t go to Shake Shack. When I wonder about the freshest produce, I go to Nelly’s Farm. I don’t go to the supermarket at the mall. When I want the best fruits in the area, I go to New Springs instead of the market. 

Hi. If you are trying to find the best recommendations for personal shopping, I am who you were looking for all your life. In another life, I used to be a software engineer who found a passion for connecting with people and businesses that sold products and goods from the heart and souls. I instantly made the connection. As a matter of fact, I wanted to find local businesses and help them come in touch with shoppers who struggle to find quality products. 

I have gone skydiving once, and that is all I want to do everywhere I go. If you are looking for adventure, you will find plenty with me. The perfect chocolate bar, banker, farm, or homestead, I know them all. Connect with me, and we can talk. 

Why This Summary Works

This is a fantastic way of telling a story if you are working in an informal industry. If you can be a little bit creative, utilize it. There is a very targeted audience looking towards finding personal shopping recommendations for products that can ease their lives. This industry needs you to be passionate about what you do and get that same enthusiasm to your customers.

The profile is adventurous, witty, and shows you knowledge of the area instead of just writing that you are a personal shopper who can find people the businesses they need. Telling a story always keeps people interested.

Utilizing Experiences From Your Work And Outside Of Your Professional Life

If I say I love writing and editing, it would be an understatement. Ever since I wrote my first-grade essay at school, I have dreamt about writing my own novel. It is an idea that kept me up at night and made me obsessed. If I couldn’t write something for myself, I had to help others who were doing the same. Fortunately, by the time I was 22, I published my own science fiction book that turned out to be moderately good. I believe in hard work to transform a lack of expertise and talent because all my life has been about working hard to compensate for all of my failures. 

When I got my first professional contract working for XYZ magazine, I was allowed to take the lead on the sports section, which I had minimal experience with. Not to worry. Sports, I assumed, was not much different than science fiction. Oh boy, was I wrong? I had to go through every college football game and Major League to make sure I got it down to my bone what it means to be standing in that stadium when the crowd is cheering, and the players are running.

Today, as a senior editor for XYZ working from our Home Office, I can say for sure that writing is a talent you have to develop through hard work. It is not something that comes to most people automatically. If you are struggling, I am here to help. 

I have worked with thousands of new writers trying to push their first book in the market, and I have given them all the same advice. Your work is not done until your readers are satisfied. This means the cycle of writing, editing, and writing never stops. And for that, you know where to find me. 

Why This Summary Works

The professional is confident about his promise in writing and editing. However, that is not the way he always used to be. He provides the reader confidence that writing is not natural-born and has to be perfected through hard work. He has done it himself, which is why he is able to advise others to achieve the same.

Further, he talks about his projects and how he adds value and add this is not just about money for him. This is something he does for fun, and it is a passion. Do remember to add your industry-specific keywords to the summary if you are going to be passionate about it because people still have to find your profile

State Your Mission

Everyone has a story to tell. Not only will it create an engaging way of informing the readers, but it will also delight and surprise and impact the audience in a way that is not otherwise possible. However, you also have to make sure that you create measurable and deliverable business goals. I am the person who stands between the brand and the consumer and helps you define all of these parameters to measure your success. 

As a brand, are you struggling to find your identity? You have to create high-quality content that meets your objectives. I am a Contact Manager with ABC media, and I have been working with major companies such as McDonald’s, Amazon prime, and more. 

Amongst my specialties, digital media, and growing brand presence is my passion. When are you looking for omnichannel marketing or driving traffic? Find me for more information? 

Why This Summary Works

When you are writing mission-based summaries, you can be as broad as you want to be about your industry. You have to bring it down to more specific keywords slowly. If you are working in an industry that requires you to maintain professional decorum, this can be the right way of expressing yourself very creatively.

After all, anyone who does not understand your field of work must first understand what you do in terms of overall perspective. After that, it has to be reduced down to telling the stories of what you have done for other people and the values you have created for your customers.

Don’t just think of it as an advantage for your leaders. It also gives you an edge that people now have the bigger picture of what is going on. You have a holistic understanding of what your job incorporates, and it is not just a list of things you do once you wake up to the time you go to sleep.

Overall, mission-based summaries are pretty much perfect for every professional field. Whether your industry is traditional such as medicine, or modern such as fashion, anyone can relate to goals and targets.

How Do I Write A Professional-Grade Summary? Taking Clue From Best LinkedIn Summaries Examples

Before we get down to the complete LinkedIn summaries, let’s breakdown the crucial aspects you need to cover. These are the things that make best LinkedIn summaries examples. Whereas you should know what you want to write on your LinkedIn profile, you should also nail down the style by ticking all the right boxes.

There is no single way to tackle all of these things correctly but when you get to the summary examples, notice how we have covered all of the sections we are talking about here.  

Show Some Passion

No matter what you do, being passionate about it is the best way to come across in your presentation. You have to open up about adding context to what led you down this career path. Now that this is what you are doing, what are the things that excite you the most?

We all know that money is a great motivator, and that is the primary reason we do all of our jobs, but there has to be something more than that. There has to be something more than the money that drives you to get up in the morning and head down to your job. If you are younger and do not have a lot of accomplishments yet, in that case, nailing down this section is necessary.

Explain What You Do

Imagine for a moment you had to describe your job without using the job title. People should still be able to understand what you do. This is how you explain in the simplest terms what you accomplish daily.

If you are a problem solver, write down what problems you are solving and how you do it. Who are the clients and demographic for whom you are working? This is a great section to show your strength, knowledge about your field of work and industry, or even your style of work.

Give Some Context

You have the complete freedom of how to represent your life history. You might even want to leave out the parts that you do not want to showcase to people. If you have changed your career midway, you can explain why you have changed fields right here for prospective employers who might be interested.

Suppose you have done anything unconventional or unrelated to your current role. In that case, the LinkedIn summary is also a great place to show how to relate to your recent work or even enrich your field of experience. Just because you have unrelated experience does not weaken your profile; it can give you an advantage by showing in contrast that you can do more than your job description.

Show Off Your Accomplishments

Take an overlook of your entire career and think about everything you have accomplished that you want other people to know. If you have some professional experience, this section should highlight your merits.

Humanize Yourself

As we said, the summary section is not just to showcase your skills and accomplishments. You can humanize yourself by showing who you are as a person. The people looking at your profile will be working with you and want to know who you are beyond a professional.

Excellent summaries bring across your attitude towards work, sense of humor, and humility. Being authentic is a great connector. If you have any trait that truly establishes who you are as a person, this is where you bring it down. You should also consider writing down who you are beyond work by sharing any external interests’ hobbies, or charity work you do.

The professional world is not just about your job description. People want to understand how you can contribute to the company and society beyond your role. This is what was also illustrated in the best LinkedIn summaries examples. Personal stories that describe what you have accomplished can also reinforce the belief that you are a strong professional.

Utilize Keywords

For maximizing your chance of getting discovered on LinkedIn, you have to think about the LinkedIn algorithm. Like Google, LinkedIn also has a search based algorithm, and it utilizes specific keywords to bring up results. It means, if you search for a consultant, people who have a consultant in their profile will be highlighted. The summary and specialty section should be there to back up your job-specific keywords. All the relevant profile details that people can use to search for you on LinkedIn should go here.

Keep It Simple

As you must have seen in the best LinkedIn summaries examples above, don’t use lots of jargon like creative, motivated, and driven. They have been used millions of times and have lost all the magic. If you need some alternative to describe yourself as any of these adjectives, you can check thesaurus or find another creative way of showcasing your strengths.

Instead of merely using objectives, you can write a story, telling why you are those things. Make sure that you write a flowing and straightforward summary. As you should not jam it with lots of jargon, you should also not write like an essay to submit for an assignment.

Write as you would speak to your peers at a conference or meeting. It should be professional, polished, but it should also be straightforward to understand. If you read it aloud and it does not sound right to you, change it. The tone should be conversational and first-person. Leave out any emojis or special characters because they might come across as unprofessional or cavalier.

Respect The Whitespace

Nobody is willing to read a wall of text without any breaks. While you focus on creating the best summary, keep in mind that some breaks and paragraphs will give people the pause to continue to the next section with equal enthusiasm. You can break your summary down into bullet points to make sure they are flowing.

Add A Call To Action

Once people are done reading your summary, you might want them to perform a specific action. It means you can add a call to action at the end of the section. This could be anything from asking people to send you a connection request to get in touch with you over Skype or even checking out your website. It is an opportunity you should not leave out.

Best LinkedIn Summaries Examples: Conclusion

We hope this article on best LinkedIn summaries examples will help you get started with writing outstanding summaries. If you are looking for LinkedIn summaries for sale, check out this post.

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