LinkedIn Consulting

Are you looking to build a standout brand, get more clients and increase revenue through LinkedIn Social Selling?

If your goal is to master LinkedIn lead generation, create a personal or business brand, learn how to create engaging content that will  ignite conversations, or maybe all of the above, then with Social Selling Coach AI, you can achieve this using a DIY approach using our done for you service. On Social Selling Coach AI you will find over 250 free articles, free training, paid courses, tools, and customized services.

These are exactly the same processes and systems that some of the world’s biggest companies use to be successful at Social Selling.

If on the other hand, you feel that time spent figuring things out yourself is time that could be spent on growing your business, then we also have an option for you with our done for you Linkedin consulting service for Social Selling.

Now let’s grow your business!

We’ve driven a huge amount of business to 100s of companies large and small, reach out to learn how with our LinkedIn Consulting service

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Frequently Asked Questions

Social Selling Coach is a social media consulting company that is centered around our software platform.

Our users use our software to establish their professional brand, find the right people, engage with insights and built relationships.


We offer a consulting layer on top of our platform to help with training and ensure projects are delivered end-to-end.

A project will kick off with a social media consultation to understand your challenges and objectives and ensure full alignment and successful delivery.

As a software centric social media consulting business, our model is built are the social selling model which focused on establishing your brand, finding the right people, engaging with insights and building relationships to build trust and ultimately generate results.

At the start of an engagement an experienced social media consultant will work closely with you to understand the challenges you face as a business and the goals you are trying to reach before creating an end to end strategic social selling plan which can be easily followed and executed.

Aha, good question. Social selling is a long term investment and hugely ROI positive but if are looking for ways to generate faster sales an/or you are budget constrained it may not be the best solution for your business right now. 

We’re happy to work with exciting businesses who are looking to build their brand, develop their prospect relationships and to engage with them to create long term value. The cost for each each project will depend on it’s requirements.

If you don’t have a social media consulting budget you will still benefit from all the tools and online training on Social Selling Coach to be able to do it yourself.

Whilst there are many traditional social media marketing agencies out there, Social Selling Coach as a software marketer company focuses more on the data, analytics, tools and AI to generate results.

We provide a managed services working closely with customers overlaid on top of our technology platform.

We are also not a marketing agency for social media as our focus is on the tools that enable social selling.