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When you want to know someone professionally, the first thing you do is go to their LinkedIn profile. Whereas the tag line, image, and job description are helpful, the best way to understand a person is their LinkedIn summary. The LinkedIn summary will let you decide if you want to connect with them. Creating an engaging summary will help you keep in touch with your target audience.

Ask yourself this, does your LinkedIn profile build trust in your audience? Does it show enough authority and your human side so people can genuinely connect with you?

The tiny section on your LinkedIn profile has a huge impact and can make and break the first impression you have on marketers and recruiters. It is essential to show that you are trustworthy and a formidable name in the industry. Strangers and recruiters have no reason to connect with you other than the fact that you have provided enough information on your LinkedIn profile that they understand who you are as a person even before you have spoken to them.

Whereas LinkedIn tagline is all about your job and what you do, the summary section describes who you are as a person. It includes your background, past experiences, work experience, personal thoughts and opinions, and overall career view. Not only will this help you create an online brand, but it will also make you more relatable to people who are searching for your profile.

So, without further do, let’s explore the best LinkedIn summary example for sales in this article.

The LinkedIn Summary – Deconstructed

LinkedIn Summary Example For Sales

People want to understand what you stand for, what company you work in, and their operation. Provide details about your experience and work accomplishments in the past – this is the hook people want to see. The summary section is the right place to demonstrate your skills and experience.

Here is what a great summary section down looks like:


The first few lines of your summary section are the hook. It is the opening to the full summary, and it will entice people to read the full summary and not just skim it. The first sentence should be extremely clear about what you do.

The second sentence should give them the hook to continue reading the rest of the section.

For example, below is a sample book for a LinkedIn profile summary.

My love for contact marketing is legendary. Helping clients get more traffic by creating relationships and building a brand presence is my passion. 

But why stick to the same old strategies when you can customize your own? 

The first two lines give you an idea of who this person is – a content marketing wizard and their strategies of getting clients to create more connections and relationships.

The next line breaks down from the normative and gives the reader something to think about. Most companies will try to use the same strategies every other company is using. This is where a content marketing manager comes to play. You can showcase the previous customized outreach campaigns for different clients on your profile. This is the hook we are talking about. Once they are hooked to your profile, they will continue reading down to the details of how you have accomplished what you are advertising.

Unique Selling Point

The unique selling point or USP is the reason people should hire you or connect with you. You can make the second line of your profile the unique selling point.

In the above example, the content marketing manager has a unique selling point that can help clients create better relationships and brand presence by customizing their marketing strategies. It is an obvious unique selling point, and people want to read to understand if you have the merits to back up your claim.

This is why the next section should be your accomplishments. You want to showcase that you have done something to claim that unique selling point.

Work Accomplishments

This is the part people care about, and they will carefully note down. Find all the numbers, data, and figure start to support your findings. Let it be easy and flowing. Be very clear in the image that you are presenting for yourself.

For example, here is a sample for writing your work accomplishment section to garner respect and authority.

I have written an Amazon bestseller on the top three traffic-driven strategies for cosmetic companies that will convert your customers in a second. 

My book is based on my failures and success with my clients. The book contains fantastic strategies to help you step by step execute a robust marketing strategy for better results; I have also created a lot of personalized templates that can give you an excellent outcome for your effort.

I have measured my client success and came up with –

+ 30% elevation in conversion 

+ 50% increase in website traffic 

+ 20% increase in demo request every week 

Be honest about these numbers. Remember that your potential colleagues, employers, and recruiters have tools to verify these claims. When you get down to the market, you will have to show valid data to support your claims. You cannot simply make wild claims with no proof.

That being said, try to concisely bring up as much data as you can to support your profile. Once recruiters or employers have read this section of your profile, the only thing left to do is go to the call to action directly.

Call To Action

This person has read your entire profile summary. You have nothing more to tell them but how to contact you. Here is how you can write a killer call to action to get maximum response.

If you are looking for the best strategies to guide your content strategy, message me on LinkedIn, or schedule an appointment.

By following the hook, unique selling point, work accomplishments, call to action formula, you can create a killer profile that anyone would be happy to connect with.

Now when it comes down to sales, there are more nuances than to create a simple profile. It is not always about you. More often than not, it is about the clients. It is about the pain points they are facing and how you can relate these issues to your profile. You have to come across as someone who solves the problem when you are a sales rep.

This is why we have compiled a list of strategies to help you connect to the issues to get maximum results from your LinkedIn summary.

Best LinkedIn Summary Example For Sales

Touch The Pain Points In The Summary

To be successful in sales, you have to understand that the profile summary is not about you. Yes, it is there to showcase your skills and what you have accomplished in your professional career.

This is a very relevant principle irrespective of what field you belong to, but even more so if you are from sales. People are not merely reading your summary section to know what you have done and what a great person you are. They want to understand whether you have the merits to help them overcome the issues they are facing.

You have to create a profile that talks about the problems faced by regular clients that you are targeting to connect to. You have to build credibility by showing that you have helped other people in the past, and you have what it takes to help the person reading the profile.

One right way to do that is by touching the pain point. Give them a view of what the future will look like if you are hired. You can start with the very high-level problems faced by your clients daily. You can then be the hero in shining armor who saves the day by discussing your remarkable strategies that worked for clients in the past.


[pain point brief in a couple of sentences]

But what if [there was a product that could solve this problem]? I have worked with the ABC sector in the industry and achieved XYZ results by implementing [strategies or product descriptions]. [describe the results you accomplished but implementing the procedures you talked about in the previous sentence.]

Want to know how you can get the XYZ results? Drop me an email at marketer@gmail.com or call me at 12345678.  

This is the best LinkedIn summary example for sales. It talks about the pain point in brief. It describes how you have worked to solve this pain point for other clients in the past. Below is an example of the above template used in a LinkedIn summary.

The most painful thing as a marketer is the low website traffic rate. After all, the higher your website traffic, the higher is your conversion rate. 

But what if there was a way to double your traffic in a month? In the past year, I have worked with two extremely new brands in the market, struggling to find their footing. I worked with them to create targeted emails, personalized text and video content, and so much more. This resulted in website traffic getting pushed up to 50% in a single month. 

I can help your business achieve the same results. Get in touch with me by calling me at 12345678 or drop me a mail admarketer@gmail.com.

Write About Your Motivations

The summary section is more than just your work accomplishments. The world of marketing and sales is changing. It matters more who you are as a person. People can connect to a good strategist who has a great personality over a great strategist who is not very engaging. This is why it is essential that you also work on creating a rapport with your prospects.

Tell them your struggles and your story of overcoming them. Being open about your failures and problems will make you look trustworthy and someone who understands the industry’s pitfalls and can help others overcome the same issues. Not only that, but it will also make you instantly more likable than your peers who only want to talk about their strengths. That human side is appealing to everyone.

However, remember that your LinkedIn summary should not read like a narcissist’s Journal. Don’t go into a lot about yourself and still try to relate the issues and problems faced by your peers and clients.  If you are from informal industries like fashion, hospitality, or tech, that can work out in your favor.


[Anecdotal description of a problem you faced in the past, or a problem faced by your clients.] I guess it’s clear to everyone that I am a very passionate person. When I’m working in to [expertise], I am continuously industrial [industry] to solve the [issues commonly faced by your clients].

For example, [tell us what happened to your client and how you overcame the issue still achieve success].

I can help your business achieve the same results. Get in touch with me by calling me at 12345678 or drop me a mail admarketer@gmail.com.

Here’s how this LinkedIn summary example for sales looks when illustrated:

When I was a paper distributor in my small town, I understood that 80% of the revenue came from just 10% of our clients. This is why I was hard-pressed to create a proposal that will maximize our focus on the clients generating the maximum income; it will also improve the quality of service we were delivering them. The company agreed to try it out on a trial basis, and it became the premise of our marketing strategy for the coming year. 

As you can tell from my story, I am a very passionate person about my work. This quality will always play in my work when trying to improvise a marketing strategy for my clients. I have worked with over 20 brick, and mortar and online paper stores to help them realize their market’s full potential and even double their purchase. 

I can help your business achieve the same results. Get in touch with me by calling me at 12345678 or drop me a mail admarketer@gmail.com.

Be Factual About Traditional Industries

Motivational or transparent profile summaries are excellent for unconventional sectors. When working in an industry like banking, government, or other traditional industries, your profile should be more conventional. That does not mean you cannot accomplish the same result. You can add the oomph factor to your profile by using clear-cut, concise facts.

The prospects in your industry will be more responsive to formal languages. If you use very offbeat language, it can suggest that you are not very familiar with the people in the industry. Besides, you should also make your profile short because chances are, in a traditional industry, your work speaks for itself, and people want to get to the call to action at the end of your summary section.


I am a [job title] specializing in [field name], helping [vertical or industry] companies achieve [respective targets].

I have worked with XYZ companies in previous years. 

If you want to connect with a [job description] to accomplish the [list of results or goals], give me a call at this phone number or drop me an email.  

Here is the illustration of the above LinkedIn summary example for sales:

I am a financial management professional specializing in the MF sector. I help mutual fund organizations to find the most effective ways of improvising their turnover results. 

Over the past ten years, I have been working with XYZ companies in the industry, some of the best in the entire world. This includes renowned companies like ABC, CDE, etc. 

If you want to discover a better solution to your issues, get in touch with me through this phone number or email. 

Be Informative About Your Accomplishments

The best way to connect with your prospects is to let them understand your product or service is better.

From the moment they click your profile, keep it very informative to catch their attention instantly. This is a summary that is ideal for salespeople working in industries that are very performance-oriented. You have to create an approach that tells a story and shows why your product is the end solution to your clients’ issues. You have to highlight all the work you have done and humanize yourself through the LinkedIn summary. Also, you have to show that your company can be a trustworthy partner with the people looking forward to creating strategic partnerships.


[Here is why I got into sales]. This is the issue that prompted me to create [product name or service]. And here is why my company can be the perfect fit for your problems. 

Through my work when collaborating with [company name], I have noticed firsthand the problems faced by clients in the industry. Here are the issues I am trying to solve with my company. 

  1. Issue and benefit of your product Second issue that you are solving and the benefit of your product 
  2. the services you aim to provide to the clients  

Here is a testimonial from my happy client. According to this company I was working with, here is what my company help them accomplish. 

I can help your business achieve the same results. Get in touch with me by calling me at 12345678 or drop me a mail admarketer@gmail.com.

Here’s LinkedIn summary example for sales:

I got into the office space industry because I loved connecting companies with the perfect workplaces. From starting my own event management company in college to creating my real estate and office space company, I have always been passionate about finding people the perfect fit when it comes to their workplaces.  

Through my work, I have helped companies achieve the following –

  1. 10% decrease in utility bills 
  2. better rental experience
  3. Open and flowing what places with modern Industries 

One of the best testimonials came from my clients when I worked with this new tech company to find the workplace for their overseas clients in global tech solutions. According to them, ‘ABC company has helped us create the perfect floor plan and open office environment that facilitated a professional work environment and helped our workers adjust better to work please, prompting higher efficiency and performance.’ 

I can help your business achieve the same results. Get in touch with me by calling me at 12345678 or drop me a mail admarketer@gmail.com.

Show Your Accomplishments

If you come from an industry with a solid record of success and results, the LinkedIn summary is the best place to showcase what you have accomplished in your career.

If you have done something outstanding in your work or overcame results that were previously thought impossible, you should mention them in your profile summary correctly. Be very specific, and don’t be shy about quantifying all the wins you have achieved with your clients while working on helping your customers. By straightforwardly sharing your accomplishments, you can help the reader understand that you are strong at what you do, and while working with you, they are in the best of hands.

Foster confidence by showing that you are a person that is trustworthy and has already achieved outstanding results in the industry, and can replicate the same success with others as well.


[Anecdotal description of your job profile].

In the last five years, I have helped clients from the [XYZ industry or vertical] to create and implement a process that accomplished [ABC results] and helped them save [amount of money] from their bottom line. 

If you are trying to identify ways to save cost on your business, you can send me a message at this email address or call me 

To identify cost-savings opportunities for your business, I can help your business achieve the same results. Get in touch with me by calling me at 12345678 or drop me a mail admarketer@gmail.com.


While working at an ERP company, I worked with clients to create a scalable model when pitching a support and maintenance expedience post-go-live of implementation projects. The system’s scalability helped drive revenue and get more business from customers who were previously shifting to competitor companies. 

Over the past five years, I have been working with clients to achieve post-go-live business securement, and it has severely cut down on the loss of business, adding six figures to the company’s bottom line. 

I can help your business achieve the same results. Get in touch with me by calling me at 12345678 or drop me a mail admarketer@gmail.com.


So, these were some of the best LinkedIn summary example for sales. We hope these examples would have given you an idea of creating the best summaries. What are your views on this? Let us know in the comments below.

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