Here are some of the best sales tips for beginners to ensure success!

The sales department is a key part of every organization. Irrespective of the department you work in unless the sales department is working on selling your product, the business isn’t going to be moving forwards. But that does not mean being in sales is always going to be a smooth journey for you. It is a well-known fact that sales and marketing are among the most stressful jobs in today’s corporate world.

There are often extreme pressure to meet deadlines and targets. The quotas that you get are dependent on ambitious goals, and they can increase month after month, which can add to the stress of meeting your goals. Besides, it takes a very highly specific skill set to be well-performing in this department.

This means every move you make, as a salesperson, will be reviewed by your superiors. They are always watching and expect smooth communication and quick delivery of the desired results.

Why Is It So Difficult To Be The Top Performer In Sales?


The reason sales is one of the most competitive fields in the industry is the payout is worth it in most cases. The people who make it in the business are people who take the right strategy and understand how to get their work done.

There is no shortage of people willing to give up their personal lives to ensure their professional life is thriving. In a field like this, the only way to become a top performer is to invent yourself as your industry changes, keep a sharp focus on your targets, and be willing to do everything to meet your goals.

In short, you have to learn how to work smarter instead of working harder. For many beginners, this is the hardest part of the job. They are still too young to understand the business’s tricks, and they end up making mistakes that most proficient people in their line will not make. The first few years of your job in the industry can determine where your career is going.

If you don’t understand how to stand up from the herd, it can hurt your future prospects. If you are starting your career and want to learn how to become the top performer, here are a few sales tips for beginners that will help you out.

14 Sales Tips For Beginners

To be on top, you have to make your foundation successful. Before we get into the more advanced part of the business, let’s figure out what makes a good salesman. Mastering the following sales tips for beginners will ensure you have all the weapons in your arsenal to win your clients.

Eventually, we will move into the more advanced techniques that beginners and even proficient salespeople can utilize to hone their skills.

Sales Tips For Beginners

Know Your Product

For most salespeople, the biggest problem and struggle comes from the fact that they are not experienced with the product they are selling. You might know the price points and what it does, but you have to believe in it yourself to sell this product to a customer. Or at least, you have to know the pressure points of your customers. This means going through every small and specific feature that can help solve the problem of the customers.

After all, these people are going to learn about the product from you. If you have not used it yourself and they can see your confusion, they have no reason to trust your opinion and buy it from you.

Most salespeople will work through the demo videos and documents to understand the basics of the program. But if you take the time to go through each feature and experience the product themselves, you can easily understand the pressure points.

You should understand how every feature addressed in the documents can be utilized for a specific client. In fact, as most sales tips for beginners say, focus on the business-specific problem that the product will solve. This will increase your chances of a successful sale.

The Most Basic Questions That All Salespeople Must Have Answers To Include:

  • Your customer will present you with a problem statement. You have to know which features in your product can help address these issues.
  • You have to understand the technological restrictions for accessing the product under various features and the price points that come with the solution.
  • Even if your product is highly targeted towards only a single type of market, your sales prospects will still want to know the customization options to make the product work for their organization. Do you understand the scope of customization for your product?
  • What kind of training and support system are you providing to the customer?
  • And the most important question of all, how much would all the features cost the customer?

The advantage of being on the sales front is that nobody will ask you how the program was written or very technical aspects. They are trying to understand the solutions that you are providing instead of how you are providing them. For that, you have to use the product yourself and understand it.

Unless you have utilized it to solve your own problems or have seen a practical application, you cannot be the proper cheerleader of the product you are selling.

Even for specific industries, customers can require a lot of different customizations. Depending on their organization’s structure and focus, there might be minute changes in the spec they are looking for. Going with the traditional knowledge provided to you by the guiding modules and demo videos will not be sufficient. You have to be adaptable enough to understand that your customer is not looking for a one-size-fits-all product.

Key Takeaway

According to the best sales tips for beginners, you should know how you can get to the root of the specific problem of your client and solve their needs. Unless you are putting yourself in their shoes, you clearly do not understand what it takes to solve this problem. So, all of it comes down to how well you know your product and its diverse applications.

Know Your Customers’ Pressure Points


You might have a killer product. When you meet your customer, you want to talk about how good your product is and how many things it can accomplish. However, what your customer is looking for is not a description of your product. They are looking for you to talk about how your product can solve their problems.

This is why, not only do you have to understand your product well, you have to do some specific research on your customers and the pain points they are experiencing. Talking about the product will only get you so far. Nobody is interested in your empty sales pitch unless it benefits them in any way.

The way you get to the pressure points of the customer is by interacting with them and asking them guided questions. Often, customers themselves are not aware of the exact problem they are facing. They might give you a broad scale description of the issue, and you have to narrow the problem down to the bone all by yourself and find out if your product can offer a solution to them.

How To Understand Your Prospects Better

Fortunately, there are sales tips for beginners for getting to know your prospects better. You can do your prior research on the prospect, but even after you get in touch with them, the following questions will help you recognize the pressure points of the customer and come up with a winning solution:

  • Ask them about the business process that falls in line with the vision of your product?
  • Ask your prospect about what temporary and long-term goals they are looking to accomplish?
  • Understand the expectations out of the product?
  • What is the biggest problem they are facing?
  • If your product can find the solution to a particular issue, what value addition will it provide?
  • And most importantly, whether the solution you are proposing fits their budget or not?

A common problem with salespeople is that they are often too focused on selling a product rather than solving a customer’s problems. This means you are so involved in talking about how your product can perform and what it can do to notice that your prospect might not be able to afford your product or solution at all.

If you want to be a good salesperson, you have to listen as much as you are speaking. You cannot focus your entire time on pushing an agenda instead of understanding whether this is the right fit for your prospect and you.

Who knows, you might come up with a better solution that not only fixes the pressure points for the buyer but also fits into their budget. Your sales pitch will perform much better when you can come up with proposals that show your understanding of the product

Get To Know Your Customers

In addition to understanding the pain points of customers, you also have to know how they operate. Not everybody will like your cookie-cutter answers. People expect customization when you are selling anything to them. So whatever product you are selling, your prospects will want you to customize the solution for them accordingly.

This means, before you get into any call or meeting with your customers, you have to do prior homework to ensure you have all the data you need to come across as knowledgeable. Not only do you have to understand their situation, but you also must know how they work. You have to fit into the culture of work they are expecting. Not only does your preparation demonstrates that you are competent as a salesperson, but you also have the willingness to do whatever it takes to make your customer interaction a success.

We understand it will not always be possible for you to have all the prior answers before you show up to a meeting or a call. Even when someone calls you out of the blue and comes up with a problem, you have no understanding of.

In either of these situations, you should have easy access to information in your hand. You might even be able to ask your customer for some time and do your research in-depth and reach them back as soon as possible. Sure, not everyone might like that you did not have the answer immediately. However, in the corporate world, most businesses understand that not everyone has all the answers. What matters is that you are willing to fight for your customers and get the answers.

Before Interacting With Your Customers

So, how do you prepare for a call that might throw any curveball in your direction? Understand the following factors.

  • What is the agenda you are trying to accomplish in this call?
  • Do you have any questions for your prospects that can help boost your selling potential?
  • Do you understand all the solutions your product can provide and cannot offer?
  • Who makes the decisions on your customer end?
  • Do you have any open questions from the previous meetings?

You will be surprised to know that many sales representatives don’t take the necessary time to research their customers and understand how to behave in calls. Not only does this show a lack of commitment, but it also undermines all the hard effort you are putting behind the screens. Your prospect will come off with a poor impression of what you are accomplishing.

Plan well to get all the necessary information to keep your customers well informed about your limitations and strengths. Not every customer might want to hear that your product has some limitations, but the transparency will make it much better for the business going forward.

Follow Up With Your Customers

Sales Tips For Beginners

The follow up after any meeting is often an undermined factor. Not everybody has the courtesy to send a thank you email or ask for feedback, but it should be the norm. It doesn’t matter how good your product is. It doesn’t matter how strongly you have performed in the product meeting. If you are not willing to reconnect with your customers after the meeting is over, there is no way that your prospect is sitting around waiting for you to call back. Remember that other competitors in the market are happy to fill in the blank by providing customer service that you are not willing to provide.

According to service, almost 80% of every successful sale requires that you follow up at least five times.

The best way to show your customers that you are willing to put in all the effort it takes is by following up after your initial interaction and each consecutive time you meet. After all, it is entirely on you to create an enthralling experience for them.

By sending a simple email, you are encouraging your prospect to contact you at a time that is convenient for them. You are also reminding them that you have the right solution for the problem they are facing, and you are happy to provide the necessary service to facilitate the transition.

Different Types Of Follow Up Calls Or Emails

  1. Cold calling: in this kind of follow up, you connect with customers who have not responded to your interaction after your initial meeting.
  2. Immediate follow up: right after you met with the prospect is a great time to let them know that you have the courtesy to send a thank you email. A simple thank you is an excellent reminder of your business manners.
  3. Progression follow up: once you have decided the next steps in your interaction, send a follow up to remind your prospects of the same. This way, everybody is on the same page, and any confusion can be sorted out initially.
  4. Final follow up: no matter how lucrative a prospect is, you can spend only so much time chasing behind them for a lead. After you have sent at least three or four follow up emails and tried to connect with them personally, you have to decide to break up. This is the email that will inform your prospects that you want a final decision on whether they are interested in your product or not. Be polite and be courteous and make it a simple reminder of whether they are interested in further interaction. If not, this is when you move on to the next prospect.

The problem with sales is that not everybody is willing to open your email enthusiastically. They might treat your email as a disturbance even when you have a real solution to their problem. That does not mean you can get dissuaded at the first disinterest. You have to keep your professionalism up to a point and ensure to follow up at every step.

Learn From Rejections

Whether you like it or not, you will face a lot of rejections working in sales. And every time will be as difficult as your first rejection. But when you are a newbie in the industry and just getting started with your new skills, the number of rejections will be higher.

A lot of times, more experienced competitors will come out of nowhere and take away a lucrative deal from you. People will simply not need your product or meet the budgetary requirement to buy the solution you are offering.

New sales reps take rejections to heart. Yet, in the world of business, this is not personal. There can be a million reasons the customer is not responding and behaving the way you expect them. Even if they are genuinely interested in your product, they might not have the revenue to manage your solution in their budget. This is why you have to keep things going. Learn what you can control and learn to let go of the issues that might have soured a deal.

Rejections Are The Stepping Stones to Success

Every rejection you face can be an opportunity to learn what you have done wrong. After all, there is no one-size-fits-all solution, and you have to go through all kinds of customers to find out what makes them tick. This is where your adaptability comes from. And this is what will make you a successful salesman in the future.

Every customer you have will have different concerns, and going through all of these different scenarios will help you understand your product a little better. So the next time you go out on a sales pitch, you have a little more knowledge of your product and what it can do. All of these lead down to you becoming a better sales rep.

A lot of times, rejections will come solely because you have failed as a salesperson. Your prospect might have a huge budget to buy the solution you’re offering. Yet, they will often refuse to meet you halfway because someone else offers a better offer or has made a mistake. The good news is that you can do a background check on yourself to understand what you have done wrong. Nobody takes refusals personally in the sales business, and you can simply make sure that you do not repeat the same mistake for your next customer.

If you want to survive in sales, you need a thick skin and perseverance that matches none other. Becoming stronger in your result is the only way to becoming a top salesperson.

Learn Better Time Management

Sales Tips For Beginners

If there is one common running theme in sales, it is nobody has time for their personal lives. Although it has become a running gag that salespeople live and breathe business and don’t have any time for anything else, not all of it is untrue. At least for people who are not very good at time management, it can be a very strenuous job. Every hour of your time is precious, and you have to understand your worth before you spend it on anything.

The prospect of sales does not only mean that you go ahead and meet new customers every other day, pitch a product to them. And then, they decide if they want to buy it or not. Depending on your position, you might have to do ten other jobs as well. This includes tedious tasks like researching new prospects, getting your customers’ price points, cold calling new leads, etc. Often it can feel overwhelming because you are juggling so many different tasks; you are losing the essence of your real job. This is why you have to prioritize the tasks you want to accomplish and make sure you make the most of every hour.

How To Manage Your Time

Look at your calendar every morning and divide the time accordingly. You should be aware of everything coming up the following hour and the next, so you are never unprepared for when you have to finish a certain task and move on to the next.

Some salespeople think that sitting down with their customers and having a hearty chat is a great way to get to know them. However, remember that irrespective of how much you discuss your personal life with your customers, in the end, they will make the decision based on their business needs. You have to learn when to cut down the connection and move on to your next prospect. After all, there is no point chasing dead ends and wasting your time.

Whenever the conversation is getting away from you, and away from the business, follow the best sales tips for beginners. Offer them up a different time block when you can catch up personally to understand each other better. There is no denying that getting to know your customer on a personal level can be extremely beneficial. However, your time is expensive, and you have to make sure that your next prospect is getting an equal amount of importance that you are giving to this one.

This is something you cannot do if you keep focusing all of your strength and dedicating all of your time to just this one customer. Keep the momentum going and keep the sales pitches coming at the allocated time.

You should dedicate more of your time to clients that bring in more money. That does not mean you give less attention to the clients who are unwilling to spend as much money, but you have to divide your time according to how much value you are getting out of it. Use scheduler tools and organize yourself for success.

Utilize Technology To Your Advantage

There are plenty of ways to organize yourself, but none of it beats utilizing the latest technology. And most experienced salespeople know that they can use all the right tools to cut down their unproductive hours. Some resources can help you become more and more organized. It can help your clients experience a better service level and make all the necessary information accessible to both parties immediately. Naturally, if you are not utilizing the latest technologies, it is a disservice to yourself.

Digital calendars are a great way to assist with time management. You can utilize the Google Calendar on your phone or Outlook Calendar if you are using that as your default email service provider. Other scheduler tools will let you juggle between different meetings to understand whether your schedule can fit it all.

If you’re jumping from one location to the other, there are plenty of map tools that will help you optimize your time and get to the right place at the right time. This way, you never miss a meeting and can optimize your travel.

As we all know, the commute is the biggest time hole in the life of a salesperson. If you try to juggle different customers at different locations, optimizing your routes is the best way to reduce unproductive hours.

You can also use LinkedIn Sales Navigator for finding new clients. It is excellent for identifying people who are looking for the relevant product and solution you are offering. It will also help you prepare for your meeting, so you are geared up for success.

Always Look For New Prospects

In the world of sales, there is no point resting all of your hopes on the few prospects that you have. If you are happy with the clientele you have and are not actively looking out for new opportunities, you become complacent. Complacency is a sin in the world of sales.

For you to become truly successful, you have to always search for new opportunities. Whether through social media tools or referrals, there is still a way to find new prospects.

Even while you have a good pool of prospects at hand, understanding who you can target next will set you up for success in the upcoming years. This is the only way to make sure your business is thriving all the time.

You can find plenty of customer information from the Internet alone, and LinkedIn is also an excellent tool for finding out exciting business opportunities. Whether you are cold calling, sending email to different prospects, you have to always be hard at work to figure out which people are willing to get down to business with you once you are done with the deals on your hand.

You should also go back to the previous sales tips for beginners and manage your time effectively by reaching out to people in a decision-making position. Just because there is a treasure trove of information available online, there is no point spending your time barking every tree. Understand and identify the essential resources that can utilize your product and understand what solution you are providing.

 The lower you aim in the business chain, the harder the process can be to get approved. It can indefinitely push down the urgency of your deal. You should have plenty of pipeline at the end of the day, so you are never out of fresh prospects.

Handling Objections

As a new sales rep, handling rejections is essential. This is why it is one of the best sales tips for beginners. However, as you grow older, you have also to learn to turn your rejections into acceptance. This is something that only comes with experience and handling rejections. You have to understand how and why your customer is not willing to make a deal. It is the right way of approaching your customers, and you can only do that when you have every bit of knowledge you need about your product.

According to the best sales tips for beginners, you need to know all the strengths of your product and understand what your product cannot provide the customer. Clients usually refuse business because they are concerned that you cannot meet some of the criteria they are looking for.

How you finalize your deal depends on handling objections and curing any difficulties. Customers will learn to view things from different perspectives. The more advanced you are in your preparation, the better you can handle their doubts and questions.

One of the biggest reasons customers often reject businesses is that they are not happy with the price points. This is an essential discussion in any deal. So, while you are figuring out how to fit your product at the price point, don’t forget to research the value added by your product and how much money they will save using this product. This valuable information will help customers make up their minds, so they are less likely to object due to abstract concerns like budgetary concerns and other issues.

Show Your Human Traits

Often, salespeople get a bad reputation due to many of them becoming too cutthroat in the business. They will go through any extent necessary to finalize a deal. It does not matter who they are harming in the process. To become a key salesman, you have to have the merits to fight for your product and your customers. However, you also have to have a certain trust factor with the customers and other business people. The chances are that your reputation will get into places or keep you out of places.

If you are known to be manipulative, customers will be less likely to trust you in a deal. The world of business is a circle, and you never know who knows. How you interact with every single client can come back and haunt you later.

This is why you do not just focus on talking to your customers. You actually have to connect with them humanly.

Remember, at the end of the day, it is all about solving the problems they are facing. And you are only not doing it because you get money out of it. If you are only thinking about the deal from a financial perspective, you will always miss out on issues that need an empathetic site. Try to get into the personality of your prospect and understand their struggles. They might not be able to vocalize it properly, and it is your job to understand the issues more profoundly.

Key Takeaway

By being able to place yourself in the shoes of your customers, you are strengthening a bond. Every interaction is not focused on the money involved. Instead, you are solving the problem at hand. You did not become a salesperson only to meet a quota. You also become a salesperson because you genuinely like interacting with people and solving the problems of others.

Quality Matters

When you are trying to meet your quota, you want to get as many prospects as possible. After all, I have enough clients, said no salesperson ever. Yes?

The answer can be conflicting. It can be a difficult task to balance all the roles you have. If you have too many things to juggle, it can become an extremely time consuming and overwhelming task. Not everyone can handle as much as others. You have to customize your experience and determine what you can accomplish.

If you take more than you can chew, not only will you suffer, but your customer experience will also suffer. The more you block yourself down with customers, the little time you will have for others. Not to mention that by striving for higher and higher customers, you can burn out very quickly. This is the easiest way you fall short of the sales numbers you are targeting.

This is one of the best sales tips for beginners to stick to stay ahead of the curve. Begin by identifying customers that you can trust. These customers should be reliable and provide you with repetitive business. Prioritize your time to focus on these customers, so they get the quality attention that they deserve. You need to dedicate your time and energy to people who will give you back. Instead of chasing new customers with no validity and no business history, focus on high-quality customers, so you reduce the pressure on yourself.

After all, sales is a long game. You have to keep the best interest of your customers in mind and be able to concentrate all of your attention on the good ones.

Don’t Lose Your Integrity

When you talk about the quality of customers you are choosing, you also measure yourself based on the quality of service you are providing. Every customer expects the same pitch irrespective of the value they are bringing to your business.

This means your sales game has to be constant and consistent throughout every interaction. You are not doing this to increase your chances of sales. You are also doing this to show that you are a committed person who will work towards the success of your customers irrespective of the situation.

Sometimes you will be able to reach your target with hard work. Often you will face competition that will be extremely fierce. Deadlines will be breathing down your neck, and you will panic and try to spread yourself thin. Yet, you have to put in the work to make every sale successful. You have to ensure that the panic and stress of the situation does not impact how you interact with your clients.

If meeting with your customer is not your primary focus, you can lose your customers’ trust. And once that trust is gone, it can be challenging to get it back. If you promise your customers that you can solve a problem within a specific time, you have to keep your promise. You cannot chase the next customer and forget all about the commitment you have made to the previous one.

There is no shortcut to being the best salesperson in the business. Even with all the technologies and all the tactics, it still takes hard work and integrity to make you into a person other people can trust.

Utilize Key Performance Indicators

Our list of sales tips for beginners cannot be completed without key performance indicators. While it can sound like boring mumbo jumbo to many people, key performance indicators are metrics that will help you become successful. You are trying to create a process of sales that you can replicate. This means putting down the same pitch to each customer, understanding their business process the same way, and solving their solutions through the same customizations.

When you are trying to perfect your process, you also have to keep an eye on the success numbers. This is what will help you adjust the process so you can become more successful.

The key performance indicators will let you understand where you are deviating from the curve depending on the success of your client interactions. And this is what will make it easy for you to know whether you need to change your process or improve it.

You have to identify the key performance indicators that are helping you in a particular selling situation.

Keep An Eye On Key Performance Indicators

Every time you improve your business tactic or change your sales pitch, you have to keep an eye on these factors to see whether it is successful or not. If your key performance indicators are not indicative of what is booming according to your industry, then you need to improve your statistic.

If your indicators are somehow performing below the expectation, there is a need for an audit on why this is happening and what you can do to fix it. The best performing salespeople understand that there is a foundational process every time they speak to a customer. This means they have to give themselves the time to adapt to the situation to stay in the market and outcompete others with similar products.

You are your best critic, and you have to approach sales as a scientific experiment instead of a creative process. Sales tips for beginners you follow can teach you something new. And adapting and refining this process will help you improve your performance throughout the way.

Ask For Referrals

Sales Tips For Beginners

Despite all the new technology we have invented, this is a building block of business that will never change. The easiest way to meet new customers is to ask your current customers to give your reference. When you have successfully served a customer and solved an issue, they can quickly spread the word to your other prospects. Your prospective customers love hearing positive feedback about your product and can earn you respect.

After all, if something worked out for your customer, why will it not work out for the other customers in the same industry? Reference will give you the building block or finding new prospects for your pipeline, and it is absolutely free. You don’t have to go through all the research constraints. Just remember that you have to approach your reliable and satisfied customers for reference.

Sales Tips For Beginners: Conclusion

These were some of the proven sales tips for beginners that will help you become a pro in the industry. In the end, it is all about patience and determination. Keep your spirits high, and learn from your mistakes. Try to make the most out of the available resources, and we are sure you will be able to make your way up to the top.

What are your views on this? What all practices do you think are the best sales tips for beginners? Let us know in the comments below.

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