Here are the ultimate sample LinkedIn connection requests you must check out.

With over 700 million users and 30 million companies, LinkedIn is the biggest professional network online. Naturally, it is also the best place to meet and greet your industry experts all across the world. With an influx of professionals every year, it can be challenging to set yourself apart from the herd. Not anymore.

This article will tell you the nuances of creating connections and growing your sphere of influence.

The Basic Structure Of Sample LinkedIn Connection Requests


What Made You Want To Connect To This Person?

Have they created some interesting content? Written a whitepaper? A thesis? Or do they belong to the same industry with a common colleague between you? Let them know why you are connecting with them right away.

Find Common Interests

Once you have talked about your point of connection, talk about a common interest you share with this person. They might have been excited about some topic or industry that you can talk about. It creates a feeling of mutual benefit.

The Reason You Are Connecting With This Person

Nobody on LinkedIn or otherwise has time to connect with people. It’s a professional platform, advertise yourself, and let your connection know why you are trying to form a link. You might seek a mentor, want to know about their work, or even learn about the industry. Depending on this part of your request, your connection will decide if they’re going to entertain your request.

Be Direct

Make your point clear, intentions known, and stick to simple and concise language.

A little bit of polishing can go a long way when you are trying to create a connection.

Sample LinkedIn Connection Requests

Connecting With Someone Whose Work You Admire

Subject: Interested to connect

Hi Dave,

 I recently read the LinkedIn article you wrote on the basics of data structure. That said, I loved your insight on the sorting algorithms, and I believe we should teach it to students at the basic level in every school computer science curriculum.

I work as an educator in the California XYZ Department. I would love to discuss more on improvising the curriculum for our school system and learning about your thoughts.


Note: This template is very specific and pointed and painted a picture to Dave about who Jane is and why she is interested in connecting with him. The template refers to the previous work of Dave, which is an instant way to catch the attention of the reader. It also clearly states the purpose of the connection, so Dave can quickly decide if there is merit to accepting this request.

Connecting With Someone You Met At A Professional Capacity

Subject: Would love to connect about the Bookworld conference

Dear Julie,

 We spoke last week at the Bookworld conference in Johannesburg. I loved our conversation regarding the influence of societal division in pop culture and want to know further about your interest in fiction writing. I would love to stay in touch with you and discuss your academic career.

Thank you,


Note: When you are connecting with someone from your academic circle on LinkedIn, this is a template that will create a personable connection. It is a subtle and quick reminder of where you have met in person and the things you connected over, which is more likely to earn you a new connection.

In this conversation, Nina also mentioned why she wants to stay connected with Julie, which is another right way to ensure that Julie is invested in the connection.

Send A Connection Request To A Potential Recruiter On Linkedin

Subject: enterprise engineer at XYZ Corporation

Hi Ben,

 I went through your profile and found that you are recruiting for an enterprise resource planning engineer in the Bangalore region. I am currently working as an ERP consultant in ABC company and would love to share my profile with you to see if it fits the role you are seeking to fill.



Note: Connecting with potential recruiters is a little bit easier than forming connections with people you have little in common with. Potential recruiters are always looking out for people with relevant profiles, and specifying the same will give you a chance to make an impression right off the start.

Sending Connection Requests To New People

Subject: Love to discuss your thoughts on the XYZ post

Hi Mel,

 I recently came across your post on the XYZ group and resonated with your thoughts. I thought I would get in touch with you to maybe discuss a few ideas on the same topic or regarding the industry in the future.



Note: Getting new people to accept connection requests if you are not from the same industry or do not have a common connection can be a little bit trickier from the previous templates. The above is still a great way to connect with someone because you have shared a common interest.

You have also clearly stated your future intent for this connection, which could help the person you send the request to learn and grow more, creating a mutually beneficial relationship.  

Sending Connection Requests To Old Colleagues

Hi Gary,

I want to express my gratitude for the help sincerely you extended in the CDE project, I really appreciated your work on financial integrations and learned a lot from your work. I would love to stay connected and will always be here if you need any help.


Note: Sending a connection request to someone you have already had a relationship with, but want to restart or rekindle your connection, is still ideal to start with a focal point. Recognition over any help they have extended to you in the past and expressing gratitude or admiration are among the healthiest ways to connect with people.

The point is not that you are flattering anyone to make a connection, but sincerely pointing out something they have done that you appreciate. You can customize the request according to interaction. Just remember to share your appreciation and gratitude towards how the other person has contributed to your growth.  

Sending Requests To Mutual Connections

Hi Arian,

I noticed that we are both connected with Joyce. We have both worked for technology companies as a project manager on an SAP implementation. I discussed it with Joyce, and she okayed that I mention her in the invitation when I connect with you. I believe we can help extend each other’s network and would love to stay connected with you.

Do let me know if you’re interested.


Note: Mutual connections is one of the best ways to grow your network over LinkedIn. You can find people to connect with by merely running a second-degree search. This is an excellent opportunity for you to understand people who can be resourceful for your new opportunities and jobs.

Since you are looking for a mutual connection, you want to drop the name of the person who is the link between you two, but do it subtly and respectfully. It might seem disingenuous if you are name dropping casually.

Make sure that your mutual connection is going to benefit from the connection, which is the key to sending all connection requests over LinkedIn.

Sending Requests To A Future Potential Partner

Hi Jane,

I have been following your academic career for a long time. I wanted to quickly connect with you regarding your work in the area of deforestation and environmental practices. After following your recommendations, I was able to get a municipal regulation passed.

Thanks again, 


Note: Creating strategic partnerships is quite time consuming and difficult. When you are sending a LinkedIn request to someone, they want to vet you for several factors. You should come across as someone who understands your area of expertise well, you should be trustworthy, and you should have the merits to add value to the business or field of work.

All of these factors are time-consuming to develop and perfect. The connection template will let you perfect your outreach when the stakes are high. Remember, your connection request is the first impression you make on this person, so it is essential to be tactful and careful of what you write and come across as someone valuable.

Sending Requests To A Potential Employer

Hi Noah,

I read your whitepaper on the implications of political disinterest in youth, which resonated with me. I think there is a real need to discuss this in today’s society. As a matter of fact, I found it quite eye-opening and motivating. I’d love to invite you to connect with me.


Note: Asking for a job or internship over LinkedIn is a tricky topic. Not only is this a huge ask from the person you are sending a connection to if you already do not have a common connection, but It could also be borderline risky and inappropriate.

Instead of directly sending a message to your potential future employer, find someone you can connect to working in the same organization. Reach out to them with a message that follows the previous formula, is extremely direct about what you admire in them, has had some background research and understanding of this person’s position and work.

For example, the previous example talks about the thought leadership of the person Dee is connecting to. The message has been focused on this person’s experience and expertise and their contribution to the industry.

Sending Connection Requests To Influencers Or Thought Leaders


I want to express my gratitude for your article regarding animal cruelty. I was unaware of any specific details of this field and was extremely surprised to find out that this was still such a huge problem in the areas we considered safe. So, I would love to connect with you and follow your work in the future.


Note: this is one of the harder ones. Sending requests to thought leaders or influencers has a caveat that they are bombarded with requests every day from many people they don’t know or don’t want to connect with. Many people don’t understand that these people are also professionals in their fields, and asking them for favors or assistance is a surefire way to get blocked.

Connecting With Your Former Colleagues

Hi Barry,

It was an absolute pleasure working with you in XYZ from 2016 to 2018. Your troubleshooting skills in project management and system upgrade is legendary. It has always been a source of inspiration for me. I have had many opportunities to apply the things I have learned from you in my work later on. It would be fantastic to connect with you and learn more. 


Note: If you have previously worked with someone, that is less of a challenge because the other person also has an incentive to connect with you. Remember to mention where you have worked together and appreciated any part of their work. Also, note down why you are sending the request.

Sending Request To Someone You Admire

Hi Nikita,

I am in the senior year of law school. I have had the chance to follow your work in various cases since the last year, and it has thoroughly impressed me and taught me a lot. It is important to mention that I love the recent campaigns you have created and want to let you know how effective it was in understanding the final year curriculum. If you have some time, I would love to pick your brains about what made you interested in this field and if you have any relevant insight about how to deal with the final year assessments.

Thank you,


Note: Often, you will be hard-pressed to send a request to people that are strangers. The trickiest thing is that these people have every reason to say no to your request. This is why it is crucial that you immediately establish why you have tried to connect with them.

You have to verify that you are not amongst hundreds of other people who are spamming them. If you have anything specific to ask or tell them, include that in your request. It’s better that you take it as an opportunity to help this person rather than ask them to help you because they might get a lot from others.

Sending Requests To Members Of The Same Linkedin Group

Dear Harry,

I am also in the chemistry teacher group. I love reading the posts you write. You have shared one of your works regarding our school system’s future, which I found enlightening. I would love to stay in touch and discuss more each other’s work.



Note: If you notice someone belonging in the same LinkedIn group who posts insightful articles and want to connect with them, you have to present yourself as someone who appreciates learning. The fact that you do belong in the same group is reason good enough to accept the request. However, representing your intention always is a good start.


These were the best sample LinkedIn connection requests. In the end, LinkedIn requests are not that much different than connecting with people in real life. You have to be polite and respectful. You have to make a first impression by talking about something they are interested in. Without that, it isn’t easy to stand out from the herd.

As illustrated by these sample LinkedIn connection requests, you must stay relevant and concise, and remain professional throughout. Do not ask outright favors from anyone you do not personally know. Always ask yourself, how can I demonstrate my value add to this person, so it will make them want to connect with me.

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